How much do ITC webinars cost?
ITC webinars are currently free to members and $100 for non-members.

What if I cannot participate in the live webinar? Are the webinars recorded?
All webinars are recorded and archived on the ITC website. Members are able to access all archived recordings behind their member login. Non-members will need to register to receive access the archived recordings.

How do I find out if my institution is a member?

If you are unsure of your institution’s membership status please email us at [email protected]. We will also confirm that you are listed underneath their account and provide you with a username and password to register. If you are not in the system we will add you from the administrative side. 

Do you have any etiquette policies we must follow when participating?
Yes, we ask that all participants of the live webinar please remain muted as to limit any audio distractions for the presenters and participants, as well as for future listeners of the recording. We also ask that you please make sure your name or institution is showing correctly during the webinar as we are always trying to avoid interference from outside parties.  If your name appears suspicious you may be subject to removal by the staff.

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