January 2021

Understanding that no single answer can fully capture all the nuances of this question, we do ask that you select the one choice that best describes your response: If you teach online do you provide an introductory video in your Start Here / Week 1 Module or if you are an Instructional Designer or Academic Administrator do you promote the use of video for this purpose?

February 2021

The concept of Chief Online Officer (COO) or Chief Online Learning Officer (COLO) was popularized by our friends at Quality Matters for their Changing Landscape of Online Education (CHLOE) Survey. This designation may not be in use at your organization, but you probably thought of someone immediately, when you read the term just now. We're interested in the OFFICIAL JOB TITLE (not the name) of the COO at your institution. Please select one of the options below or select "Other" and provide the title. Note that the department/division/program information is not required for this quick poll - i.e., if the full title is actually "Dean of Distance Education, Instructional Technology and Online Course Quality Assurance" just selecting "Dean" below is fine.


April 2021

On August 24, 2020, the Department of Education released final rules on Distance Learning, Regular and Substantive Interaction and Competency-Based Education. On November 17, 2020, ITC offered a webinar (an archived recording is available) regarding the new, slightly more detailed definition of Regular and Substantive Interaction. This month's poll asks for your input on the topic. Please select the one answer that most closely matches your institution's reaction or response to the new guidance regarding Regular and Substantive Interaction:

June 2021

If remote proctoring software is used at your institution, which administrative unit is primarily responsible for managing the service (selecting, supporting, configuring, funding/budgeting etc.).